2016 Year End News




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R​udolph Mensah has been our pioneer and “star” since the beginning.  He has completed his  book “Becoming Your Dream: Tomorrow’s Star”​.  

The e-book will be available by year end, hard copies will be printed in Ghana.  

Please contact ​​us at tomorrows_stars@yahoo.com or go to rudolphmensah.com ​if you would like a copy for $3.99.​

2016 Tomorrow’s Stars Highlights

1-Pay It Forward (PIF) Stars pursuing their dreams and helping their juniors.​  

Seven excellent PIF students (including 2 girls) begin university, adding to 5 upperclass and 3 graduates.​​

​​Otoo and Solo are headmaster and TS coordinator at Christ Cares.

We now have 10 PIFs at Christ Cares, 5 at other schools

Lawrenda and Emmanuel are best student and prefect for senior class of 800 students at Edinaman HS.

2-The Kindergarten (KG) Resource Room is improving early childhood reading.

3-Comp​uter lab upgrade is complete.

4-Girls’ Clubs and Reading Clubs are thriving.

5-Volunteers George, Toni, Sue, Fred and Birgitta provide guidance and support from the heart.

Our Pay It Forward (PIF) Stars

​​0PIFIMG_3960.jpg0PIFIMG_4257 (2).jpg

Francis (left) is in 5th and final year at UCC in Optometry.  He is doing many sight screenings in villages with his schoolmates.  We got 320 pairs of glasses from mission-vision.org for them to dispense.  Joseph, (right front) is in first year at Ghana Inst of Journalism.  He was elected class rep and is already a leader there, as he was in HS.  Also pictured are Rockson, Joana, Rolland, Richard & Daniel.

 0PIFIMG_4219.jpg 0PIFIMG_4534.jpg

​​​ Left: Francis at left is new leader of computer lab.  Otabil is in first year at UCC as physician assistant.  He also has been elected as class rep.  Right:  Solo who is Tomorrow’s Stars coordinator and Otoo, headmaster at Christ Cares with George.0PIFIMG_4517.jpg IMG_1150.JPG

​Solo (our guide) and Rudolph (our pioneer).  Now graduated, Rudolph will begin as Doctor at a Cape Coast hospital in March.  He has co-authored an Herbal Medicine book in Ghana and is about to release his “Becoming your Dream” e-book before year end.  You will be able to download it for $3.99 from book baby.​

 0PIFIMG_4257.jpg0PIFIMG_4253 (2).jpg

Our group of PIF stars. They help the young students read at KG and resource room.  They are librarians, teacher assistants, lead the girls club and the computer (ICT) lab.  They all were scholarship students at Edinaman preparing for their future.  We are very proud of them.


Volunteer Toni ​with the Resource Room girls.  Leticia, Kate, Sharon, Toni, Joana and Esther.  More about them below.

KG Resource Room

 PIF girls​ and teachers changing lives of young children by HELPING THEM READ!!

Thanks to a donation from the Grinagers, we were able to fix up a small room next to KG as a special place where children can learn through play in smaller groups.  This year Volunteers Sue and Toni, both reading specialists, came to Elmina to help to develop methods for use as well as training PIF girls and teachers.  

Check out how great this is!!!


Volunteer Toni did some training first (left), then they gathered learning resources.  

They made small bags of materials for each student in Kindergarten and Grade 1 (over 100).  We have many resources thanks to Toni, Sue and other donors. 

0RRIMG_4090.jpg ​ 0RRIMG_4091.jpg

Next was assessment (Kate on left, Sharon on right).  Do the children know their letters and sounds?  Sight Words?  Colors? Shapes?  Toni showed the PIF girls how to assess and we completed them for each student in KG2 and Grade 1.  It will be done again in February to see progress, including KG1 next time.  They have done most of grade 2 since we left.

 0RRIMG_4329.jpg 0RRIMG_4080.jpg

Lots of learning through play.  Drawing circles in the sand, then finding circles in the room and life.  Toni brought a parachute for some outside learning games with colors and letters.  

0RRIMG_4434.jpg 0RRIMG_4521.jpg  Our resource room allows smaller groups of children learn through play with their own materials.  They love to go.  PIF Esther coordinates the​ schedule and the play exercises. 

0RRIMG_4439.jpg 0RRIMG_4525.jpg

Students’ bags of learning materials with their names on them are left in the RR between visits.  Esther working with sight words at right.

0RRIMG_4522.jpg 0RRIMG_4524.jpg

Students reading to each other and to Toni.  

What fun it is to see!!!  And even more fun for them. 


Computer Lab renovation

Thanks to a donation from Enkei America as well as some donated used laptops, we were able to upgrade our computer lab.  It now includes 11 laptops, internet, voltage stabilizers, a projector and printer/scanner as well as upgrade in furniture.

0NKIMG_4103.jpg 0NKIMG_4446.jpg   Francis, recent Edinaman Grad and PIF is ICT lab manager.  Photo shows his training laptop, projector, internet router and printer/scanner.  At right, Solo teaches to a JHS group.​  

0NKIMG_4314.jpg 0NKIMG_4316.jpg

JHS-3 (Grade 9) class in ICT lab with Solo.

0NKIMG_4319.jpg 0NKIMG_4428.jpg

Whether JHS girls or Primary children, they all enjoy time in the ICT lab.


Enrollment has increased at Christ Cares so the larger class sizes provide opportunities for the PIF stars to help out.  They support the school with library, ICT lab, KG resource room, girls’ club, handwashing and many other activities.​ 

0CCIMG_4135.jpg 0CCIMG_4586.jpg

Left: children at afternoon assembly.  Right: JHS-3 (grade 9).  We are hoping for good national test (BECE) results in June to give scholarships.


Best in class students in grades 5-9.  L-R:  Lord, Dorcas, Rose, Precious and Elizabeth.  You see that 4 of the 5 are girls.  At Right:  Esther (Resource Room PIF leader) also oversees handwashing at lunchtime.

 0CCIMG_4443.jpg 0CCIMG_4500.jpg  PIF Kate helping Grade 2 students with making musical instruments.

Toni reading to KG-2 students.

0CCIMG_4503.jpg 0CCIMG_4505.jpg

Teacher Judith with PIF Evelyn in Grade 3.  Teacher Dorcas in Grade 4.

​​ Games Day at Christ Cares

Friday afternoon is PE or game day.  

We were there for the high jump and long jump.  Some pretty impressive boys and girls.  

George participated, they called his the “short” jump

0GIMG_4202.jpg 0GIMG_4187.jpg

0GIMG_3917.jpg ​​

Girls Clubs at Christ Cares, Bantuma, Essiam

The Girls’ Club at Christ Cares has been meeting for some years and is a popular place on Wed and Fri after school.  At Bantuma, teacher Gloria is getting one started.  The club at Essiam is in second year, but leader Kate is off to nursing school and Florence is the new leader.

 0RRIMG_4456.jpg 0BIMG_4373.jpg

Joana, Leticia and Agnes at CC with sewing machine donated by Jill.  Right:  Gloria and girls with librarian Richard​.  Below: Florence with George and Essiam librarian Isaac.


 Bantuma Reading Club and Library

Librarian Richard organized a bus trip to Accra, the capital is 3-4 hrs away.  25 students and 4 teachers left at 4AM and returned at 8PM.  Sights were 1-Kathy Knowles library (Kathy Weir’s model for the Tomorrow’s Stars libraries).  2-Graphic newpaper house for creating and printing.  3-GBC-TV station complete with seeing themselves on a monitor.  4-The fancy new West Hills Mall with escalators.  The students wrote reports about their experiences and the cool stuff they saw.  Hooray for traveling together and writing about it.    

0BIMG_4131.jpg 0BIMG_4118.jpg

 Reading club with Richard, Toni and George at left. ​ With help from volunteer Sue, the reading club students also wrote poems, she was able to create a hard copy book of poems.  They read some to us at the meeting.  Copies are available.  ​​​

0BIMG_4359.jpg 0BIMG_4367.jpg

Toni donated a used laptop to the Bantuma library, they now have two for supplementing studies and reading.  At Right:  George with Richard and Mark with a collage about the Accra excursion.  Mark enjoyed the trip and was the lead speaker at the meeting.  

Edinaman HS Students:  Leading their classes.

0EIMG_4408.jpg 0EIMG_4411.jpg

Our next group of PIF Stars.  Emmanuel from Bantuma school is prefect for the senior class.  Lawrenda from Christ Cares is in position to be valedictorian.  Pretty good for 800 students.


Helen, Mary and Faustie are Bantuma girls at Edinaman getting tutoring in Math.  Math is always a battle for the girls but Mary has an A so far.

Their tutor is PIF Star Isaac.  He was Edinaman valedictorian last year.  And Joseph (PIF star in university) was valedictorian the year before.  Yes!!!  Three years in a row.


The Enkei America computer lab upgrade included a projector for Edinaman to support their computer center.  At left is presentation to new Headmistress Mme Harry.  At right on display in center with teacher Cynthia.

Edinaman grads thanking their teachers

We all talk about thanking our teachers at one time or another.  

In October, our PIF Stars did just that.  They invited retired Headmaster Mr. Amanfu and 3 former teachers and George and Fred to Edinaman.  They told stories of school days, and talked about their successes and dreams.  There were lots of laughs and smiles.  The students are “becoming their dream”.  We are glad they took the time to t​​hank their teachers.


George presenting citation to Mr. Amanfu.  The table of honor with Raymond Dzathor, Mr Amanfu, Volunteers Fred and George, Joseph Yawson and Osei.

0ETIMG_3991.jpg 0ETIMG_4050.jpg

Rudolph telling his stories.  Group photo of PIFs afterwards.

Fun things we get to do in Elmina


Richard fishing at a lagoon nearby, didn’t catch anything except a good time.  

PIF leaders dinner at end of trip with Leticia, Joana, Fred and Toni.

0FIMG_4485.jpg 0FIMG_4488.jpg

PIF leaders dinner with teacher Osborn and Solo.  Fred and Rudolph at Right.

0FIMG_4275.jpg 0FIMG_4543.jpg

Construction around Elmina.  A sea wall to protect the beaches at left.  The bridge over the lagoon is nearing completion (finally), note the solar lighting.  This ​has presented severe challenges to the fishermen.  But Ghanaians find a way and the election is in December, so it should be done.

0FIMG_4417.jpg 0FIMG_4065.jpg

Related to the bridge work, the local roads have terrible potholes.  Dr. Ndoum, local entrepreneur and hotel owner, brought in some dirt and labor to fix them.  A big help for taxis and others.  At right, PIF Star Otabil was able to beat George in table tennis.  Again!

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