2019 Summer Highlights!


Achievements in Elmina

Sue and Toni Return to Volunteer in Elmina.

Our Volunteer Reading Specialists have come to Elmina to share their experience, knowledge and love for teaching children to read. It is visit #10 for Sue and #5 for Toni. They have two major projects, “Jolly Phonics” and “Reading and writing Culturally Relevant books”. These projects are described in detail below

Jolly Phonics is helping over 500 students in 4 schools to learn to read English.

Jolly Phonics is a phonics based reading method that applies sounds and motions to the letters helping students to sound out words. Nearly 25 of our Pay It Forward students (PIFs) and local teachers have been trained by Jolly Phonics personnel. Tomorrow’s Stars has expanded on this training and uses the method in 4 schools. This enables over 500 students in KG through grade 2 to learn the method.

Grant from “A Seed of Change” helps us Read and Write books with local content (Culturally Relevant) Books.

Volunteer Sue was awarded a grant from “A Seed of Change” aseedofchange.org. Our libraries already have many books that represent local stories but for this grant, we will:

  • Print others in Elmina that we found on-line
  • Write our own books for early readers adding our own photos. These books will have English AND Fanti (the local language).
  • PIFs will write “career” books. They will interview local people (teacher, seamstress, restaurant owner, etc) to tell their stories.
  • We will track reading progress of students and have contests at all four libraries/schools to see which books are most popular and which students excel at reading.

Sue will report on her progress in August upon her return from Elmina.

Pay It Forward Day hosts 35 Scholarship and Pay It Forward students.

A great turnout of students returning to share their experiences. Photos and story below.

Our Stars return for PIF Day!!

University Students are becoming leaders!

In 2018-19 we provided scholarships for 22 students in University. They are great achievers! Six have graduated and will go on to their year of national service. Photos and stories below.

Stories and Photos

Volunteer Dr. Toni Saul came to Elmina for two weeks bringing her 40 years of experience and dedication to helping children read. She spent lots of time with our PIF girls, teachers and Solo to help them assess reading abilities, use jolly phonics to connect letters and sounds to reading and helping weak students. Our Resource center is a perfect place for this as we have small groups.

Toni’s strongest message is about reading aloud to children and doing it in an interactive manner to enhance comprehension and love of reading. We do this with a PIF girl repeating with some fanti language to help them understand. It makes their heads nod and hands go up.

Toni also worked with the girls club and shared her career story with the students and teachers. Getting to know the PIF girls and teachers was a highlight of her visit.