Rudolph Appointed as National Clinical Coordinator!!

That’s Right! Our “Star” and “Pioneer” has a new job. He has been appointed as Ghana’s National Clinical Coordinator in charge of information, research and public health education reporting to the Director, Ministry of Health, Ghana.

This is a remarkable achievement for a “small boy from Elmina”, but well deserved. It is a three year assignment and the scope includes about 50 hospitals and nearly 1000 health clinics in Ghana.

Rudolph has been with Tomorrow’s Stars since the beginning. He has been our “Pioneer” at each stage as he moves along the path to “Become His Dream”

Rudolph’s Achievements along the Path!

He was the first Tomorrow’s Stars student to go to Edinaman High School. TStars met resistance on our decision that all scholarship students would attend local Edinaman. Rudolph set the example and cleared the path for well over 100 students.

First student to Pay It Forward helping teach and tutor at Christ Cares School after HS graduation. He is a role model for all our scholars and PIFs.

First student to enter University on Tomorrow’s Stars scholarship. Attended Kwami Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), majoring in Herbal Medicine.

Performed a year National Service after graduation, serving at Health For All Clinic serving about 15 villages in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Got a job as a medical doctor specializing in herbal medicine at a clinic. Worked there for 4 years before the appointment and other opportunities were offered to move on to more responsibility. He has an excellent reference there and is welcome back at any time.

Developed Diabetes treatment in conjunction with KNUST for masters degree. Oversaw clinical trials to conclusion of acceptance of a plant based treatment and published results.

Shortly before appointment as Ghana Clinical Coordinator, he was offered Medical Doctor job at a major hospital in Kumasi as well as a position as a lecturer at KNUST, so he is not short of opportunities. This is a result of his ability and effort at every step along the way.

Rudolph is also an author of several excellent books.

He has written many books. Check out his books on Amazon.


Most are self help and career information books, but also an Herbal Medicine book as co-author with the clinic head during National Service.

Active on social media with podcasts and webinars, building a brand to “Become His Dream”.

Was an excellent football (soccer) player before he became too busy chasing his medical dreams. Was a very poor golfer in our group golf opportunity, to the delight of his friends. 🙂

Has done many free health clinics in Elmina over the years, specializing in prevention.

He is engaged to be married to Afua Brown.

In July, he will have his 31st birthday!!

We at Tomorrow’s Stars wish him the best as he relocates to Accra to start his clinical coordinator position and become a “pioneer” for the Ghanaian government health system.

Great Job Rudolph.

18 April 2021

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