November 2021 Pics and Stories

Please see news page: Year end News 2021

PIF Day brings Stars back to meet with PIFs and Students

PIF Day is always a highlight for us, seeing our Stars and hearing their stories as they become their dreams.

STARS From L to R: Joseph (#1 Journalism student in Ghana, Class Pres). Rudolph (Clinical Coordinator for Ghana and doctor. Francis (Optometrist and TS Board Member), Solo (TS Managing Director and TS Board member), Yawson (Admin Asst to Edinaman HM), George, Osei (Komenda College, Head of IT Dept), Daniel (Yr 4 Chem E)


Occasionally there are themes to make school more interesting. Here are some photos of the dress up. Yes Ghanaians like to look good!

The Grade 9 students (Form 3) Christ Cares graduates.

After a great team effort from students, teachers and PIFs, prep tests show that this will be the best class ever. We will know in mid Jan when National BECE test results come in. We had a dinner party for them at a local restaurant.

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