Get to know our Stars!!

Tomorrow’s Stars has been “changing lives through education in Elmina, Ghana” for 20 years. Thanks to our donors we have 20 college graduates and 14 in college now.

If you knew these young men and women, you would want to help them.

Let us introduce you to Lawrenda by video. She is in her 4th year of University studying medicine with a purpose of “becoming her dream” as a medical doctor.

We are proud of Lawrenda Deku!!

Lawrenda: Future Doctor

Lawrenda is a brilliant student, top of her class since she was young. Competed in Ghana National Science and Math contest as a senior in HS. Paid it Forward helping students in Math, giving the girls confidence. She is now at KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology).

We are proud of Esther Boateng!!

Let us introduce you to Esther Boateng by video. She is completing 3rd year in Business at Nduom School of Business and Technology with the intent to become a Banker. She is on her way!!

Esther Boateng: Future Banker

We have known Esther since grade 4. She was a good student, and always “serious”, attentive and helpful. After Edinaman HS she “Paid It Forward” for 3 years, helping teachers and caring for the students in the early grades.

Esther was the leader of our Handwashing Program, changing habits of the children at lunchtime. This experience led to her assignment in our “Learn Through Play” Resource Room where small groups of KG-G2 children go for an hour of play and reading, discussing stories in English and Fante and using Jolly Phonics.

Now she is a banking student “becoming her dream” at Nduom School of Business and attending “professional classes” in Accra.

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