Rudolph: Our Pioneer

In 2003, early in the story of Tomorrow’s Stars, Founder George Weir met a small boy named Rudolph Mensah in Elmina, Ghana. Rudolph was age 12.

Since that time he has been our Pioneer, leading the way for our many “STARS” and scholarship students. He was the FIRST to:

  • Attend Edinaman HS on scholarship
  • Return to his Jr High and teach, the beginning of “PAY IT FORWARD”
  • Attend University, graduating with degree in Herbal Medicine.
  • First to be employed (as a doctor at a clinic)

He is also an Amazon author, look him up. His book “Becoming Your Dream” is read by all Tomorrow’s Stars scholars to qualify for University Scholarships.

And he is getting married to Afua on 5th November. Congratulations Rudolph!!!

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