Emmanuel and Paying it Forward

At Tomorrow’s Stars, we are very proud of our Pay It Forward (PIF) System.

We begin with qualifying HS grads who attended local schools. Of course they would like to get university scholarships, but many of them are not very mature and don’t know what they want to do with their lives.

Some are selected each year to “Pay It Forward” (PIFs) and assigned to help at the schools we support for a minimum of 2 years. They can help teachers, or work in our Literacy Resource Room, reading and teaching Jolly Phonics to small children. They may run one of our 4 libraries or our solar powered computer lab with laptops, projector, printer.

We also provide training and workshops often with Year 2 PIFs being the leaders. These workshops include the skills they need to “Become their Dream”. Some examples are public speaking, ppt presentations, time and financial management, life at university etc. The best part is career counseling by past PIFs who have gone on to university and careers, real mentors!

Below is a “Star Video” from Emmanuel. He is now starting year 3 in Medical Lab Technology. When he comes back home, he is an emphatic speaker on the value of being a PIF. Here is his story.

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