A Seed of Change: Writing our own "Culturally Relevant" books!

Volunteer Sue earned a grant from A Seed of Change, a non-profit that supports various projects around the world.

A Seed of Change is dedicated to promoting opportunities for organizations involved in animal rights, environmental sustainability, educational opportunities and health and well being. The page about our grant is here.

Our project involves creating our own books with the help of our PIF’s. Our goal is to inspire a love of reading through local content books. We call them books with “local content” or culturally relevant “CR” books.

Below (on this page) is the description of our project.

For our 2019 year end progress, click below:


At Tomorrow’s Stars, we have always tried to have books of local content to connect readers to their culture, and we have many in our 4 libraries. To start our project, we are doing inventories and listing all the ones we already have.

In 2014 our students at the Bantuma Library wrote their own books, complete with “about the author”. These have been compiled and are available. The students are proud of their books.

We are adding to our “CR” books by writing books for early readers at their level. Then we take our own photos to put into the books, and we add a Fanti translation to help them connect to their local language.

Our PIFs are also writing “career” books. They interview local people to understand how they struggled and succeeded to get their restaurant going, or became a teacher, or a bank manager.

We write these books and prepare them as pdfs in Bloom software, then we print them. We have two local printing suppliers and we also have capability to print our own.

Then each library will be having reading contests, where students read and rate our many “CR” books. We will see which books are the favorites and give prizes to our best readers. And, of course, get together to celebrate our successes.

And Sue had many other educational activities with the children, here are more photos.

Heart Maps inspire our writing!
These students in the reading club love to write their own stories!
Class 4 illustrated their class book, The Monkey and the Farmer!
Janet created a heart map to help her with ideas for writing stories about what is in her heart.
The reading club at Bantuma enjoy looking back at their 2014 stories that we were able to print for our libraries.
Mary enjoys seeing her story in our libraries.

In 2014, Elizabeth wrote an Adinkra story. With the support of A Seed of Change, we were able to print her story so that she can read it to her daughter.