Back to School and Vaccine Coming: March 2021

Tomorrow’s Stars Highlights

  • Covid 19 Vaccine is in Ghana.
  • School is restarting
  • Tomorrow’s Stars and Nsoroma “making education possible”.
  • Dr. Rudolph’s new book!!
  • University Students becoming their dreams.


Status and Plan of Vaccine

As you have seen on previous pages and blog posts on this site, Ghana has taken bold action to fight COVID and they have been quite successful. Masks and social distance are difficult there, but the people have been generally compliant. Ghana Covid-19 data and news is here:

Covid 19 in Ghana

After major shutdowns last March, the school scheduling has been haphazard for many reasons with the priority on students completing final years of JHS, SHS and University. Most of Basic school (Grades KG-6) have been closed. There are attempts at virtual learning but it is an overwhelming challenge there.

The big news now is that Ghana has procured the vaccine and inoculation is beginning, first with health care people and police and teachers and old people. The vaccines they have are Astrozenica and Sputnik, both have been approved by the EU.

Schools restarted in late January and of course there are many challenges to address. Tomorrow’s Stars and Nsoroma Africa are helping to address them as you will see in the news below.

Nsoroma Helping Community Accept Vaccine

As in the past year, Nsoroma Africa Foundation (run by our “Star” Solo) has received a 2021 grant from Tomorrow’s Stars, and PIFs (Pay it Forward students) have continued to set up and maintain hand washing stations, and distribute hand sanitizer and masks in the local communities.

Our new added challenge is communication about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. Many people in Ghana are nervous and Nsoroma is working with the local government, churches, schools and community leaders to support the government vaccination plan.


NEW PIFS (Pay it Forward Students)

We have added several new members to our Tomorrow’s Stars family, we are over 50 now. These new PIFs completed HS in 2020. They are starting their service mostly at Christ Cares helping with computer and science lab, KG Resource room and primary phonics for reading and well as helping teachers, libraries and girls club. As part of their experience, they learn computer software, support our community service programs and other personal development activities, such as a presentation about their life to the others. The purpose is to help them mature and make decisions on how to “become their dream”.

New PIFs from Left: Enoch, Samuel-1, Francis, Emmanuel, Samuel-2, Prosper, Dorothy.

Renovating Imagination Centers (Libraries):

This project is only beginning, but some photos below show the new look of the Imagination Centre at Christ Cares school. PIF Kate is leading the development to improve how we use libraries.

Author Joe Brown reads to kids via Zoom

We had our second “zoom reading” by author Joe Brown. He writes children’s books based on imagination. His readings were very much appreciated and have led to the idea of changing our “Libraries” to “Imagination Centres”. We are starting by doing some renovations in painting and furnishings, we hope to have other changes in activities as the year moves on.

Renovating Bathrooms at Christ Cares Int’l School

A few years ago, our friend Fred Graham donated money for bathrooms at Christ Cares. But after the past year of Covid and school shut down, they need repair. With renewed focus on handwashing, we are making a renovation with additional pumping pressure and sinks and toilets to help them be a more sanitary experience. Four PIFs and Teachers are managing the construction project as well as a plan to keep them clean when complete. They are Tackie, Osborne, Aggie and Kate. It will be a welcome improvement in hygiene.


Our Pioneer Dr. Rudolph Mensah has written another book. “When you sow you don’t reap: Being Patient in an Impatient World”. It is available on Amazon at this link (along with his five other books).

I highly recommend it, his best yet. Please buy a copy on Amazon:

“This little book has an important message for young people who are in a rush to success!  I really liked the way this book was written with the analogy between “developing ideas” and “lessons from the farm”.  It emphasizes the importance of patience and trusting the process as you pursue success in your life.  Some specifics that I gleaned:  Being patient is NOT being lazy.  Trusted friends, especially mentors are valuable, if not critical, to success.  Hard work and knowing your process are also essential.”

And while Rudolph is not writing and working as a Medical Doctor, he has found time to develop a natural Diabetes treatment. His work in this area has led to a MPhil Degree in Pharmacognosy. This is the science of pharmaceutical drugs and treatments from plants and natural sources.

Hooray again for our “Pioneer”!!



On this page we profile 4 of our University students. We currently have 18 scholarship students and 13 graduates.

Isaac is a 4th Year Pre Law student at KNUST and is near the top of his class. Always responsible and studious, he was valedictorian at Edinaman HS before being a PIF for 2 years. He helps our other students with legal questions and does short seminars for us.

Esther is a 2nd Year student at Nduom School of Bus and Tech. She was a 3 year PIF mostly with the small children and managing hand washing. She has a 4 yr old daughter Ama, who is enjoying nursery classes and has the attention of PIFs and teachers, a future “star”.

Sharon is a 1st Year student at Univ Cape Coast (Distance) pursuing a Degree in Early Childhood Education. She will help with our KG Resource Room as she goes to school on weekends. She has 4 years of PIF and has a gift with the small children and phonics teaching.

Emmanuel is in his 1st year at Accra Technical Univ studying Lab Technology after 2 years paying it forward. He was part of a Science contest in HS and they participated in a contest in NYC and WaDC, the only one of our students to ever visit US.