STAR Recognition Day!!

July 1 was a special day for Tomorrow’s Stars in Elmina.  

We honored 5 “Stars” in a morning ceremony.  

Three Pay It Forward “Stars” were honored.  Lawrenda– our best student who recently completed HS.  Esther-Resource Room leader, and Richard– Bantuma Librarian.  Honorees also included volunteers “Madam Sue” and “Mister Fred” who have been to Elmina about seven times “making education possible”.

Lawrenda was also honored the previous day for academic achievement as leader of the Edinaman HS Science and Math team.  Many of our outstanding “Pay It Forward” students attended both days to celebrate.

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The afternoon activity was a tour of the Elmina Java History Museum by many students as well as a trip to Dr. Nduom’s library in Old Town Elmina.  The entire day was very well organized and appreciated thanks to Solo and many others.  A GREAT DAY!!


Edinaman HS competes in Ghana Nationals for Science and Math.


Tomorrow’s Stars scholars go to Edinaman HS.  It has improved its national ranking in recent years. Our students have been valedictorians in 3 of last 5 years, in classes of 700.

This year Lawrenda Deku will lead the Edinaman team in the GHANA NATIONAL science and math quiz competition in Accra June 5 week. They have already placed first in Central Region. Hooray for Edinaman, Lawrenda Deku and Tomorrow’s Stars.