Literacy Resource Center

At Tomorrow’s Stars, we believe in learning through play using phonics. It is difficult in Elmina, Ghana because most children come into Kindergarten with little knowledge of English. We have more information about our Resource Room/Center in other sections of our web site.

Our Literacy Resource Center has great resources, including experienced Pay It Forward young women. These women are Sharon, Kate, Leticia, Esther, Elizabeth, and Aggie. Also we have many toys and games to help learning and small (12) class sizes. Over Christmas vacation our girls added many visual aids for learning. Check them out on the photos below.

An improved ceiling fan is always a welcome addition

At top:
Beat the heat with our new ceiling fan!!

Other News!!! Tomorrow’s Stars Reading Club at Abundant Grace School. We are starting a library when the room is complete, meanwhile Solo, Faustie and Rebecca have started a reading club.

Solo introducing students to Tomorrow’s Stars. Librarian Faustie in the back.

A great picture of our Stars on PIF day. They are an amazing bunch!!!


At Tomorrow’s Stars, we are proud of our students.  After they have performed well in Junior HS and Senior HS, we expect them to Pay It Forward. 

And They Do!!



After Graduating HS and doing well on their National WASSCE Exam, they come back.  They work at Libraries, Labs, Resource Room, Girls Club and all the time they help the young ones learn.



After Paying It Forward for 2-3 years they are eligible to apply for Scholarship Awards to University.  We now have 22 students in 6 universities.   They are mature, bright and hardworking.  

These 14 young men and 8 young women are amazing!! 









We have known them all for a long time, they are leaders in their classes and perform well academically.  We are VERY proud of them.  

Nsoroma Africa Foundation

Nsoroma (En-so-ro-ma) is a start-up Ghanaian charity founded by our “STAR” Solomon.  They intend to supplement the work of Tomorrow’s Stars in the Elmina area and they receive small grants from us to do this.  Nsoroma focuses on local children who have parental support for their education and expects parents to provide study areas in their homes.  Nsoroma also offers occasional events and excursions to enhance their education.

NSOROMA Study Center:

This project has 22 selected students from 3 schools from Grade 3-8 who meet 3-4 times/week, mostly in evenings at the Nsoroma study center at Christ Cares School.  Students do homework there with coaching from Tomorrow’s Stars PIF students Justice, Rolland and Rebecca.  Their grades are tracked and are already improving.

Excursion to Elmina Slave Castle

(A World Heritage Site)

In March these students had a tour of nearby Elmina Castle, formerly a holding prison for slaves headed to the “Americas”.  The tour is tasteful but unsettling, but they appreciated the history lesson, asked questions and wrote reports.

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The Black Panther Movie:

Another excursion was a day at the movies.  The group went to nearby Cape Coast to see the movie “Black Panther” in a hotel theatre room.  For everyone, it was the first time seeing a movie on the “big screen”, they were so excited.  The movie day was funded by our volunteer (and “Star”) Fred Graham.  Fred’s son was the stunt man for the actor who played the Black Panther, how cool is that?  They enjoyed the movie and wrote reports on the excursion.

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Continued study center use and excursions are planned.  They have also toured Kakum National Forest. 

Solo was recently on the local radio station urging parents to provide a study area in their homes at a cost of about $12.  He continues to “make education possible” every day all through Elmina.

You can support grants for NSOROMA by donating to Tomorrow’s Stars!!

“Always a Star”

“Always a Star” is an initiative devised by our Pay It Forward Leader Solo.  It is intended to build leadership skills such and public speaking and self confidence.

This is how it works:  Pay It Forward students (PIFs) or guests have an hour to present their story (background, accomplishments and hopes and dreams) by media and/or public speaking.

Volunteer Birgitta from Oslo, Norway recently visited Elmina and was invited to present her story to “Always a Star”.  It was very well received by the PIFs, some comments below.  Sorry for the small size photos.

She has been a Norway ambassador to China and other diplomatic assignments.

“As a leader, you need to listen and adopt the strategy of management by walking around and learning and discussing to make better decisions and get agreement.”

Thanks to Birgitta for sharing the wisdom of her heart and mind.

“31 Days of Wisdom” by Rudolph Mensah

Our Star, Dr. Rudolph Mensah has written another book.  This one is motivational, based on biblical passages.  It is intended to be read one passage each day for your consideration and action.

It will soon be available on Amazon for download for $2.99.  There will be a one week special for $0.99 (4 to 11 October) with intention of having people read, rate and review to raise interest on the Amazon network.  Details later on that.  We hope you will help.

Below is the cover and a sample passage from Day 21.  Enjoy!!



“The lazy man longs for many things, but his
hands refuse to work. He is greedy to get, while
the godly love to give!” (Proverbs 21”25-26 TLB)

God has given you all the potential to get all you desire. However, you have to work it. Wishing doesn’t take away hunger or bring bread. Most people just wish; they never roll up their sleeves to work. In this era of urgent immediacy, patience is a scarce commodity.

My favorite tagline with all my messages is: “we shall win, maybe not immediately but definitely”.  This is to inspire faith and patience which reassures us of our victory which is already won for us.

“The wicked will finally lose; the righteous will finally win” (Proverbs 21:18).

Whatever you are seeking won’t come to you overnight, it will come over time.

“Steady plodding brings prosperity; hasty speculation brings poverty” 

(Proverbs 21:5).

During the process, there is a financial advice you need:  “The wise man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets.”  This is a priceless advice. There is an age-long financial advice which says, “Spend what is left after you have saved.” As you work for what you desire, how you spend it is equally important. Don’t squander it.

WISDOM QUOTE FOR THE DAY: “Wishing does not take away hunger or bring bread. You can’t just wish upon the stars for things to happen; you have to work.”

Spend as much as you can on yourself but do that after you have saved enough for the future.  The wise man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets.



Pay It Forward Stars at University!!

Tomorrow’s Stars provides University Scholarships.  Three of our students have graduated.  11 more are at various levels at universities in Ghana.  4 more are beginning their tertiary education this year.

All of these have been excellent HS students who have paid it forward successfully.  And they are doing very well academically and as leaders.  We are very proud.

Tomorrow’s Stars has a budget for scholarships and they are allocated based on their applications.  We are proud that our “awards” committee is made up of 4 “Stars” (Rudolph, Solo, Richard and Francis) who review applications and decide on awards.



For more information on University students, see

Sue and Fred in Elmina

Tomorrow’s Stars is fortunate to have the best volunteers in Elmina.  They inspire our “Stars”, guide our education programs and are good friends to all.   AND, they love doing it.  They are each on their 7th visit to Elmina.

Sue is a Reading Specialist from San Francisco.  Over the years she has helped with TStars programs like:  Students writing and illustrating their own storybooks, starting Girls’ Clubs at 3 schools, our Resource Room for “learning through play” as an extension to Kindergarten, and so much more.


Fred from NY is in Elmina for 2 weeks, besides guiding and being friends to all, he is supporting a community bathroom repair project.  His life experiences and great sense of humor give him a special connection with our “Stars” and they enjoy advice and stories from “Mr. Fred”.


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STAR Recognition Day!!

July 1 was a special day for Tomorrow’s Stars in Elmina.  

We honored 5 “Stars” in a morning ceremony.  

Three Pay It Forward “Stars” were honored.  Lawrenda– our best student who recently completed HS.  Esther-Resource Room leader, and Richard– Bantuma Librarian.  Honorees also included volunteers “Madam Sue” and “Mister Fred” who have been to Elmina about seven times “making education possible”.

Lawrenda was also honored the previous day for academic achievement as leader of the Edinaman HS Science and Math team.  Many of our outstanding “Pay It Forward” students attended both days to celebrate.

OIMG_1476 OA003

The afternoon activity was a tour of the Elmina Java History Museum by many students as well as a trip to Dr. Nduom’s library in Old Town Elmina.  The entire day was very well organized and appreciated thanks to Solo and many others.  A GREAT DAY!!


Edinaman HS competes in Ghana Nationals for Science and Math.


Tomorrow’s Stars scholars go to Edinaman HS.  It has improved its national ranking in recent years. Our students have been valedictorians in 3 of last 5 years, in classes of 700.

This year Lawrenda Deku will lead the Edinaman team in the GHANA NATIONAL science and math quiz competition in Accra June 5 week. They have already placed first in Central Region. Hooray for Edinaman, Lawrenda Deku and Tomorrow’s Stars.