Christ Cares International School


Christ Cares School 2009

This is where Tomorrow’s Stars started in 2003. 

This school will always have a special place in our hearts. We have watched many children grow up into fine young adults. We always feel like family when we are here.  We have accomplished much since we started, thanks to everyone who has supported us in many different ways.  Even though the buildings are finished, we still offer scholarships to qualified students to attend Edinaman High School, subsidize teachers salaries, provide school supplies, books and special programs when needed.

    ​School Buildings when we started in 2003.  
                      Volunteers and Grads Painting elementary building (left)
  The Junior High Building, in 2008.  Two floors, many classrooms and students ​


    Grade 8 Science lab with TStars equipment              Eric teaching titration
                     Christina and KG 2                                         ​ Christ Cares at Closing