Edinaman High School

High School in Ghana is not free.  It is a shared 3 year expense between the government and the student. Edinaman High School has been lucky enough to have had infrastructure improvements done by the government.  The enrollment is about 600/class, classrooms and large and lectures crowded.​

While the fee for a day student is only about $150 a year, there are many students that need help. If a student boards at the High School, the cost increases to around $550 a year. Boarding provides electricity, food and a good environment for study with access to the library and computer lab which greatly enhances student performance. Tomorrow’s Stars has a strong scholarship program designed to inspire poor children in local rural villages to aspire to High School. 

ICT (Computer Technology)
​The Edinaman SSS computer lab has two large classrooms, each has about 20 computers. In 2008 Tomorrow’s Stars purchased 20 recycled computers form “World Computer Exchange” fixed them up, built desks with electrical outlets and then both classrooms were ready to have classes. We have also helped support internet and virus/porn protection.   Tomorrow’s Stars has added a printer and 40 headsets with a grant from Cathedral Women, Indiana. Thanks to Enkei-America in Columbus, IN, there is a projector for each room with a 3rd for moving to other classrooms.  
A big help when teaching more that in 45 in a class.


Tomorrow’s Stars has helped the library become a better resource for the students.  Over the years we have provided books and learning materials to help students prepare for their WASSCE national exam.  In 2011 we shared in a large container of books sent from San Jose Library by ISABT filling many of the empty shelves.  In late 2011 Damien Ryan of OAS Limerick, Ireland found us and we helped him buy 3000 cedis worth of books to supplement subject text books in every area of study.

Science Labs
The Edinaman science labs are not well equipped.  Tomorrow’s Stars has provided support in the form of microscopes and cell slides.  We have also provided materials and equipment for electricity and other lab experiements.
In 2011 Biology teacher Mary Ann came to Edinaman to help teacher Cynthia implement the use of cell slides and donated microscopes.