How we started

Tomorrow’s Stars History​​

George Weir was on a business trip in Ghana and spent the weekend at the Coconut Grove Resort in 2000.  During a morning run trough the local village, he met 11-year-old Maxwell Appiah and they became pen pals.  Upon finding out that Max’s father Ben was running a school, George sent $60 and a disposable camera and received photos of an impressive building effort.

In May 2003, George and daughter Liza traveled to the school to meet the people and found:
A headmaster who was dedicated to a dream and saw our help as an opportunity.
Children who were eager to learn and were glad to help build.
Friendly people who appreciate the help and want to improve the lives of their children.
When they returned Tomorrow’s Stars was formed so that a bigger impact could be made in Elmina.

School buildings as they were in 2002, before Tomorrow’s Stars

And so we began to “Make Education Possible” in Elmina, Ghana

Rudolph in 2003, as University Grad and Author/Doctor