Tomorrow’s Stars Libraries

  ​Tomorrow’s Stars believes in serious students.
Students need a place to go to read, study and read to younger children.  We have four libraries in Elmina, all are on school sites.
These libraries all are equipped with:
  • Many suitable books for many ages.
  • E-readers and kindles with suitable content.
  • Pay It Forward students who are librarians 

  Librarians conduct many activities such as:

  • Reading Clubs and Girls’ Clubs
  • Library classes in support of their schools
  • Students writing their own stories and printing them as books and/or and putting them on e-readers.


Christ Cares is our main support school and Leticia has been librarian and the leader of the Girls’ Club.  She reads to children in primary grades and has library classes for all grades.  The Girls’ club is thriving and is active with Volunteer Sue’s projects of mentoring and writing their own stories.  They have raised funds making knitwear and jewelry, and use it for a scholarship for one of the members.  

Leticia and Girls’ Club painted library with art help from teacher Osborn.


Girl’s club meeting and celebration of a job well done.


Bantuma School is a Public School very near CC Int’l School on the outskirts of Elmina.   This village is a deprived fishing community. The school is seriously overcrowded.  This was our first library outfitted by Kathy Weir based on the model of Kathy Knowles libraries in 2009.  PIF student Solo was the first librarian, Richard has been librarian for a few years.    Volunteer Sue helped students write their own stories in 2011.  

  PIF students Richard and Emmanuel have been librarians and monitor the reading club.  ​  The reading club has done excursions, book reading and writing contests and other activities.  

  Volunteer Sue helping at Library   Thank you from students at Library
   Children enjoying the library    Librarian Solomon with finishing touches       ​​


  Abrem Essiam is a farming village about 45 minutes from Elmina.  ​  In 2011 George and Kathy visited Essiam and saw there was a building that had been built as a library but not used well.  We decided it could be used as our third Tomorrow’s Stars library and scholarship student Francis and his father Nana (the village chief) seized the opportunity.  Kathy helped with the books and shelving and funding, Francis and Nana provided the labor and leadership and a beautiful library came to be.

Group photo at library.  Isaac with children and e-readers.  ​