Spring News 2017

​​​George Weir recently returned from a trip to Elmina.
We are proud to report on some remarkable achievements!
The photos and details are shown below.​

​Current Highlights

  • Rudolph’s book “Becoming Your Dream: Tomorrow’s Star” is published.
    Hard copies are available from George (Weir50@aol.com) for $10 + $3 shipping.
    E-books are available from Bookbaby and Amazon at $3.99.
  • Edinaman HS won a Science and Math (STEM) contest with US partner school and qualified to compete in Wash DC. They won it all and enjoyed their short visit to the US before returning home for a great celebration.​​​
  • ​We have 10 University students who are performing well after Paying It Forward. Seven others are preparing to apply. Please help them “Become Their Dream”.​  
  • Our volunteer Sue has earned a grant for helping reading using phonics. She will be in Elmina for a month in June. Three PIF Stars are being trained to work with her.
  • Our libraries have sponsored reading contests, they are a success and we will continue.

Becoming Your Dream: Tomorrow’s Star!

Rudolph, George, Otabil and Solo with “Becoming Your Dream”, Photo of book on right.
The book is great, please email George at gkweir@aol.com to purchase a hard copy for $10+$3 ship.

Rudoph at KNUST graduation. And with Solo who is directing the marketing push in Ghana.

Edinaman HS

​​This is a great story!! This team of 8 students (all juniors) and their teacher Joyce competed with other HS in Ghana, each had a sister school in the US. Their task was a creative science project to improve lives in Ghana. The top 3 teams were awarded a trip to the US to meet their US partners and compete against the other 2 teams. WE WON!! Their project was a battery using soils and other low cost local materials. They came to DC following the March storm and loved everything except the food and the weather.
While in NY, our TS volunteer Fred was able to greet them for a photo before their flight home. Shortly after their arrival at home, there was a big celebration at school and George was fortunate to attend. None of the 8 were TS scholarship students, but one will be next fall. Hooray for them.

The “Big Bang Team” from Edinaman in NY with TStars Fred at back center. Team in DC, loving the winter weather.

Left: 2000 happy students at assembly. Big Bang team in center.  Right: Head table with HM Mme Agatha Harry in blue. She is an impressive leader, it was a great day.

Science teacher Joyce on left. Our 8 “Big Bang team” students on right.

​During this same time, the Edinaman seniors were winning the Science and Math Quiz competition for the Central Region. They came out ahead of some very highly ranked schools. This team was led by TS scholar, Christ Cares graduate and soon to be Edinaman valedictorian Lawrenda Deku. They go for Ghana championship in June. We are very proud of Lawrenda and Edinaman.


Lawrenda on left, teacher Joyce in center with George​

University Students

​We are proud of our 10 university students (and our 3 graduates). Here is a chance to get to know them. Their academic performance is good, but their leadership is even better, many are class officers and leaders. We think this is the effect of “Paying It Forward” for 1-2 years, some even more. Their maturity and work ethic is improved.

We hope you can help us support them. Tuition fees are about $500/yr and room/​​hostel is about 500/yr. More details are on the Donate Page. Even then, they still must find the money for food, various books and fees that are not covered. This year their application for TStars scholarship awards includes a requirement to read “Becoming Your Dream” with two questions about “their dream”​.

Philo is studying education (science and math) at Our Lady of Apostles (OLA). She is an A/B student in first year.

Francis is in 5th year of Optometry at (UCC) Univ Cape Coast. He is an A/B student who has leadership roles and has done many sight screenings in rural villages. See the latest below.

Richard is librarian at Bantuma and is a B/C student in education at UCC (distance learning). This fall he does his national service as apprentice teacher. We hope he gets assigned to Bantuma. He has recently won our “STAR” award for his leadership with the reading club and the great excursion to Accra for the reading club last fall.

Joana (left with Leticia) is in first year UCC distance learning for business. She is a B student and a PIF leader who teaches in KG and helps in the Resource Room.

Eric and Chris are in second year at KNUST taking Chem E and Herbal Medicine. Both are A/B students.

Isaac (left) is librarian at Essiam and a B/C student in second year of education (distance learning) at UCC.

Eric (right) is in first year for Business at UCC, he is a B/C student.


The front table here has Isaac, Joseph and Emmanuel doing a PIF training exercise.

Isaac is PIF hoping to apply in math at KNUST, see below.

Joseph is in first year at Ghana Inst of Journalism. He is an A student, and is the class rep or leader.

Emmanuel is an A student in first year at Cape Coast Polytechnic in business. When a PIF he helped teach grade 4, when he came back to visit, you could hear an overwhelming welcome cheer when he went to greet the class.

PIFs Planning for University

Left: Esther and Sharon​​​​: Both help in KG and resource room and lead the Girls’ Club.
Esther won our “STAR” award based on her leadership in Handwashing and the Resource Room.
Esther intends to go to KNUST for business. Sharon will apply to UCC for business.
​Right: Lawrenda on left. She will apply to KNUST for Pre-Med and with her grades and test scores, she may get it. She will “Pay It Forward” during the summer in a girls math project from Grades 4-6.

Daniel and Richard “PIF” at their old school. Richard is applying for business at UCC. Leticia achieved the math score she needed and will apply for early childhood education at UCC. Hooray for her, it has been a long road.

Isaac with Leticia at PIF meeting. He was valedictorian at Edinaman and has been PIF as math teacher and tutor for some of our Edinaman scholarship girls. He wants to attend KNUST and be a math teacher. Francis on right is our Computer Lab teacher/manager and does training on finance and saving. He hopes to apply for business at UCC.

More of our PIF students

We had meetings on Saturdays to discuss the University award application and selection process. We also did some financial/savings training as well as​ general discussions.

After lunch we capped it off with a “survival exercise” trying to rank items for survival when lost at sea. An amusing time was had by all.

​Bantuma Library and Reading Contest

Richard had a reading contest at Bantuma Library. Thirty students signed up and 12 performed well enough for honorable mention. There were 2 winners each in primary and junior high. Prizes were awarded and a second contest started to see who will read the most during break.

B-IMG_4698  B-IMG_4893

On left is reading club who meet twice a week. Right: Richard with repaired window.


Bantuma HM Mr. Le​di, friend of TStars. We shared the cost of window replacement

Christ Cares School

Handwashing at Christ Cares. A habit for the small children at lunch time.

George with Cecelia doing a math review. I am learning that the BECE math test has questions that I think are not relevant. ​We have awards to the best student in each class. Sue sent some tee shirts and George brought some.

A cooking lab day is a requirement for Grade 9. They made quite a few dishes.   I enjoyed this one of noodles and sausage (hot dogs) and egg with some onion.

The Computer lab (ICT) is going strong with 10 laptops and software for typing, “Office”, internet for email and Facebook. We have a projector for teaching. Thanks to Enkei America for the great donation. There have been no problems with th​eft or damage, we are quite proud of how it is maintained and used.

George using projector during PIF meeting. On right: Winners of Christ Cares reading contest.​

Edinaman Scholarship Students

We currently have 4 seniors graduating this June after their National exam. Lawrenda is one of them and will be valedictorian.  Emmanuel Bentil is boys prefect and will PIF at the Bantuma Library.

There are 7 juniors and 3 freshmen. In total, 6 are boys and 7 girls.

E-IMG_4830 0EIMG_4408

Joseph had an excellent BECE and is a science student. Emmanuel on Right is senior prefect.


Mary, Faustie, Elizabeth and Helen are second year students who get math tutoring from PIF Isaac.

KG and Resource Room

The parachute we brought was a big hit on games day, so we brought another.   There are many interactive exercises with class participation.


Grade 1 teacher Aggie does a fantastic job, always with a smile. In April she will join PIFs Joana and Solo for a two day training for phonics in Accra. Then they will help Sue train the other teachers and PIFs to use phonics for Sue’s literacy project. Hooray for Aggie!!

Francis Saving Sights

​Tomorrow’s Stars partners with Mission-Vision, a charity that provides glasses for those who need them. Our Optometrist Francis does eye exams in villages with his university “mates” and dispenses these glasses to people in need. The most recent screening was at the Cape Coast School for the Deaf.

IMG_1391 IMG_1392IMG_1393  IMG_1399   IMG_1396

Francis is another example of our Stars. He excels in academics, Pays It Forward in many ways in his village and with sight screenings. He IS becoming his dream!!​

Fun Things we get to Do.
F-IMG_5088 F-IMG_5084

Our friend Dr. Ndoum, hotel owner and presidential candidate had a golf tournament.   I was surprised at the good level of play.  The course shows evidence of the dry season, but it was quite an event.

F-IMG_5100  F-IMG_5101

I take a group of PIFs to dinner at a local restaurant.  This time Richard, Rudolph, Solo, Leticia and Joana.  It was a great time. I am so happy to know them all!!! ​​​