Spring 2023 News

George Weir visited Elmina in March 2023


Our PIF DAY CELEBRATION was inspiring with Stars returning to talk to the PIFs and students. It is always great to see them again.

Our LIBRARY AND LITERACY programs continue to grow. We are adding Jolly Grammar to improve English. We are expanding at Sefwi School where Star Philo is a teacher.

Discussions with board members George, Francis and Solo led to some NEW PROJECTS which are outlined below.

Star and Board member Francis Wiredu married Elizabeth.

Madam Kathy Weir passed away peacefully in March and this news page includes a tribute to her selfless service.


News about life in Elmina:

Times are difficult in Elmina, inflation is rampant with the devaluation of the Ghana cedi. Food and fuel have more than doubled in the past year. Our US$ is strong and university costs have stayed low, but life is hard for our young people.

With gov’t cutbacks in hiring of teachers and health workers, it is harder for our grads to find jobs. In spite of their outstanding academics and leadership skills, the career challenges persist.

An oft-stated Ghanaian response to difficulty is “We are managing”, and they are, somehow. Tomorrow’s Stars is trying to help.

PIF Day: Spotlight on our Stars

PIF Day is a celebration of our success. About 60 attendees came from all parts of Tomorrow’s Stars programs, University students and graduates, PIF students, Edinaman HS students and school teachers. Many get an opportunity to speak and accept questions about their experiences. We have some great discussions.

It is a great learning experience for all.

Meet 3 of our 13 university students.

Francis (Yr 1 Medicine), Dorothy (Yr 1 Nursing-Diagnostics/Imaging), Joseph (Yr 3: Petr. Eng.: Top of class)

Some of our 24 university graduates at PIF day.

Left=Bentil: Sociology grad, president of class. In National Service now with Danish company. He is on the Home page of their website. See nabig.de

Center=Esther: Commercial banking student in National Service with insurance company before returning to Univ.

Right=Otabil: Physician Asst. working at Cape Coast Teaching Hospital and ping pong champion.

Slideshow of our people, some info on captions.

Libraries and Literacy:

Literacy leaders Leticia and Sharon oversee the libraries and head up our Literacy work.

In order to expand on the successfully implemented Jolly Phonics techniques, they will now implement “Jolly Grammar” a supplement to English classes in Grades 1-6. As English speakers know, this is no simple task.

Bantuma Library and Reading Club

Erica (Grade 7) Leading the phonics spelling class

Abundant Grace Library:

At our newest library, Sharon and Leticia are training PIFs George and Livingston on their techniques of reading to kids in both languages and getting participation. Also with Jolly Phonics.

Sharon waking them up!

Christ Cares Learn through Play Resource Room:

Lizandra is our new Resource Room Leader as directed by Sharon and Leticia. We still emphasize reading to kids, Jolly Phonics and Learning through play. We do assessments for students in KG1, KG2, G1 and G2.

Sefwi School Resource Room and Kissee School Nursery

Star Philo is a G1 teacher at Sefwi about 45 min away. We have funded a Resource Room there and the kids love it. Also we have helped repaint the KG and put in bookshelves.

Aggie is a Nursery teacher at Kissie School, near Sefwi. We will be helping her with chairs and learning materials for the small children.

Computer (ICT) Lab:

Our solar powered computer lab is well-maintained with printer, projector and nearly 20 laptops. We give laptops to many university students when they start.

New Projects: Expanding our Footprint

Projects for 2nd Year PIFs

Vocational Training:

Tomorrow’s Stars is starting a vocational training program for one boy and one girl this year. Emefa (2nd yr PIF) will be managing this with guidance from Solo. She has selected a 16 yr old local student (Mercy) for seamstress training with Grace and she will soon begin. Emefa will help assure that Mercy has proper supplies and payments and does the work.

Edinaman SHS Mentoring and Tutoring

We have identified community students at EHS who have potential to become PIFs and Stars. Our PIFs will help them develop by getting to know them, monitoring grades, providing “Backtrack” tutoring, and access to textbooks. Having them attend PIF day is a good start and PIF Elijah and others will help us find and develop the best students.

Student Tracking at Kathy Weir Study Center

Nsoroma has operated the Kathy Weir Study Center for 4 years now. Invited students are in grades 3-8. We intend to do a better job of connecting these students with Tomorrow’s Stars as they go to High School. We will start by including them in the Edinaman SHS program above and will track their progress after grade 8. This will be done by Solo and the PIFs who are coaches for their homework sessions.

Francis and Elizabeth get married

Francis is a member of our Board of Directors, he is an optometrist at Elmina Clinic. He is George’s eye doctor. Elizabeth is a teacher nearly finished her education. They are a great couple, happy years ahead.

Kathy Weir: Library Lady and Literacy Leader

Kathy at her first library at Bantuma School

Kathy Weir passed away peacefully from lung cancer in March.

She first traveled to Elmina in 2004. She worked with Tomorrow’s Stars and Sabre Trust for nearly 10 years always bringing her dedication and heart to improving education in Ghana, up to 9 months a year for 5 years.

Without Kathy, Tomorrow’s Stars would likely have NO libraries and NO Resource Rooms, NO study center, and maybe NO Jolly phonics.

She started libraries at Christ Cares, Bantuma and Abrem Essiam.

Her commitment to replace rote learning with Phonics for Ghanaian children was unmatched.

She roamed the grounds of Edinaman HS to assure our scholarship students were “doing the work” and finding new ones. Great ones like Philomena, Isaac, Daniel are thankful that Kathy “found” them.

Any donations in her memory can be applied to students and coaches at the Kathy Weir Study Center.