Spring News 2018



Here is something really cool.  We are writing our own “leveled readers”.   They are designed by Toni and Sue, our reading specialists.  The pictures are taken in Elmina of their friends and school.   Words can be English and Fante languages.  They are printed in Elmina.  We have only begun, but the kids love them!!

2-Free High School at Edinaman and a Citation for Tomorrow’s Stars

Ghana government is now paying for High School.   It seems that we will no longer give HS scholarships.  We still want good students to go to Edinaman and we still want them to Pay It Forward, so there are some adjustments.  For now we will monitor 7 freshmen as if we were paying.   One of them is #1 in the class of 825.

Tomorrow’s Stars and George were presented with a citation at the 40 anniversary celebration as having the best scholarship program.

 And we ARE the best!!  

With a class size of around 800 students, we have had 4 valedictorians in 7 years (and two others in top 5).  We now have #1 students in grades 10 and 11.  The secret is Pay It Forward and how we coach them, we only sponsor about 6-8 per year.

3-Excellent performance by 16 students in University.

Our university students perform very well in leadership AND academics!!  The PIF program helps them mature before applying to college, a big plus. 

Also Rudolph’s “Becoming Your Dream” book is a big part, because they all are expected to have DREAMS.  And they DO!

 For more about University Students:  Stars in University


4-Dr. Rudolph has written another book.

Yes, he is at it again.  Besides being a Doctor (about 4 hrs from Elmina) he is an Amazon author of 5 books.  Here is his link:  


His latest book is “365 Days of Inspiration”.  He selects quotes from famous people and adds his comments with the intent of one per day to keep you moving toward your dream!!  Get your copy now!!


PAYING IT FORWARD:  The key to success.

Our HS grads are expected to Pay It Forward to help their juniors.  They do this at three Libraries, the KG Resource Room, Girls Club, Computer Lab, Science Lab, Nsoroma Study Center and just teaching and mentoring kids. 

Here are some examples.

KG Resource Room:  See KG Resource Room

Libraries:  See Libraries

PIF Philo (#1 in class at OLA teacher college) reading Imagination book by Joe Brown (a TS donor) to kids in library.

Computer Lab at Christ Cares:

The Tomorrow’s Stars ICT (computer) Lab has great equipment.  We have 16 working laptops, a projector and printer, and 5 tablets with learning apps.  It has been protected and maintained well.  We give University scholarship students a laptop for their first year, then replenish the lab.

Girls Clubs:  See Girls Club

The Girls’ Club toured the nearby Coconut Grove Beach resort.  15 members and the leaders saw the tilapia pond and crocodile pond.  The also mounted a horse, saw some fancy rooms and restaurant and got to hang out at the beach.  They loved it.

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As Tomorrow’s Stars grows, we want to have an increasing impact on the community.  In 2017 our leader Solomon registered a Ghana NGO called Nsoroma (Star).  In 2018 Tomorrow’s Stars will provide some grant money to support projects managed by Nsoroma but approved by Tomorrow’s Stars.  The first of these is an after school study center using two classrooms and the ICT lab at Christ Cares.

Study Center:

The 20 students attending the 3 nights/wk study center are coached by PIFs and local teachers.  All students have parental encouragement and attendance is monitored.  This is NOT a lecture/teaching event.  They bring and do homework and get help as needed.

Excursion to Elmina Castle:

Tomorrow’s Stars believes in excursions and field trips to enhance learning.  In March (on Independence Day) the study center students toured the Elmina Castle.  It is a World Heritage Site from 1483 and was used as a “slave export center” in the past.  Only two of the students had been there before.  It was a sobering educational experience which led to good discussions afterward.

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As mentioned above we are pleased about the “Free HS education” and it gives us some opportunities.  We have six scholarship students graduating this year (juniors and seniors are not free). 

We expect them to come back and Pay It Forward and develop their dreams. 


We find our PIF program to be powerful in helping our students mature and begin to “Become Their Dreams”.  Recently we have begun “Always a Star” where a PIF does a short powerpoint about their life, dreams and values.  We gather together and share on social media to have questions and discussions.  We had a good turnout when George and Francis did theirs in March.  This improves relationships and idea sharing.  

WE ARE VERY PROUD OF THIS GROUP:  PIFs Esther, Philo, Leticia, Kate, Otabil, Sharon, Rolland, Rudolph, Richard, Emmanuel, George and Francis

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We are now helping teachers “Become their Dream”.  This year Aggie and Osborn are invited to apply for scholarship help in “Distance Learning” to be teachers.  They will go to class on weekends and can continue their jobs.  They are excellent with the children and will enhance their teaching skills while working.


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