Stars in University


When our students do well in High School AND they Pay It Forward well, they may be eligible for University scholarships.

In Ghana, there are 3 major Universities.  There are also Teacher Colleges, Polytechical schools, Nursing Schools and many other academic and vocational schools.

Costs vary, but for a mere $1000 scholarship, a student can cover most of tuition and housing costs for one year.  Please consider donating to help one of our outstanding Pay It Forward students. 

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We currently have 16 students in University.  They perform very well and return to Pay It Forward during vacations.  Imagine their impact on their juniors!!   

Our “Stars” are expected to “Become their Dream” and plan their future during their PIF time.  They submit a strict application which includes Academics, PIF performance, Need, their “Dream” and applying for other aid. 

The budget is allocated by the TS board and the scholarship awards are proposed by an awards committee made up of “Stars”.  TS approves the awards.  There is also an appeal process help fairness.


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Our “Stars” perform VERY WELL in academics as well as leadership.  We know it is related to the 1-3 years of Paying It Forward helping them mature and focus.