Sue’s 2016 Blog

  •  I had another amazing trip working alongside the PIF’s (Pay it Forward students)  at Christ Cares and Bantuma School. One of the highlights was experiencing the love the PIF’s have for the students they are working with. When I came back from this trip, Otoo, the Headmaster of Christ Cares, asked me how my kids were doing. I asked him if he meant my own kids or my students. He replied that he didn’t understand my statement because they are all my kids. I realized that the teachers and PIF’s from Tomorrow’s Stars love their students as their own kids. The love they share with their students is so humbling and magical to experience.​

    Here are some of the highlights from this trip-

    Teacher Training

    We had a fun teacher training morning with lots of learning and laughing. The teachers learned how to play math and alphabet games to make learning active and fun for their students. They also learned how to create opportunities for students to make their own number and letter books to take home.


    PIF Philomena enjoys playing math games using rek-n-reks!


    After the teacher training, PIF Esther taught all of these students to make their own books. Now they will have some learning materials at home!

     KG Resource Center

    The students love coming here! They get to play lots of literacy and math games. The PIF’s are now assessing the students so they can target their instruction based on students’ needs.​

                  IMG_1554.jpg   ​


     Girls Club

    A few members of the Adehye Girls Club from Elmina visited the Girls Empowerment Club at Abrem Essiam, a small village about 45 minutes away from Elmina. The girls had the opportunity to discuss important life issues around teenage pregnancy prevention following a drama presentation on this subject by the girls (and one boy!) from Abrem.



    The Adehye Girls Club also put on a Girl Power! presentation at school to showcase their talents in poetry, singing, dancing and modeling!

    Here is a pic of the dancers right before showtime!


    Bantuma Reading Club

    The Bantuma Reading Club made their own “Hopes and Dreams” journals as they continue to explore their creativity and self identity through writing. We had a wonderful writing workshop and the students created beautiful I Ampoems. Thanks to Richard, the librarian, for his work with this club!


    Here is one of the poems!

                                                           I Am

    by Francis Yawson

     I am funny and intelligent

    I wonder how ants give birth

    I hear banku and okra stew calling me to come and eat it

    I see a fish dancing out of the water

    I want to be a doctor in the future to help sick people

    I am funny and intelligent

    I pretend to be a ghost

    I feel the spirit of God in me

    I touch the mouth of a lion

    I worry about my future

    I cry for my friends in prison

    I am funny and intelligent

    I understand the love you have for me

    I say children are our future

    I dream for my success

    I try to encourage my classmates

    I hope for the success of all the members in Tomorrow’s Stars

    I am funny and intelligent​

    Leticia Meets Author Trevor Getz!

    ​The highlight of my trip was when Leticia, the extraordinary librarian and Adehye Girls Club leader, met author Trevor Getz. Trevor wroteAbina and the Important Men​, a book about a young woman in Ghana who was wrongfully enslaved in the late 1800’s and took her case to court.​ Abina’s story touched Leticia, as they both had to endure many challenges in life, but with resilience and perseverance, overcame many obstacles. Leticia is such a strong role model for the girls, and Trevor was really impressed with Leticia’s commitment to sharing her story with the girls she works with. Leticia continues to be a wonderful role model and mentor to all of the students involved with Tomorrow’s Stars.


  • PIF Stars go to University

    ​Tomorrow’s Stars is very proud of the Edinaman HS graduates who Pay It Forward to Make Education Possible.  After graduation they return to Christ Cares School and our Libraries to help they younger children.  They teach and mentor and provide inspiration.

    There are now 2 who have completed university.

    And 12 more who are now being assisted in their tertiary studies.

    Hooray for them.  Pictures and stories later.

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