Sue’s News 2017


Sue and our PIF (Pay It Forward) scholars led Phonics and Reading classes at Christ Cares School

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​​Thanks to a grant from The Pollination Project, Tomorrow’s Stars PIF Scholars provided literacy classes to struggling readers at Christ Cares School.

In April, Solo, Joana and teacher Aggie went to Accra to participate in a Jolly Phonics training. They came back to Christ Cares School and trained the rest of the staff in teaching reading using phonics. Students received phonics lessons in their classrooms. Some of the students who needed extra support received small group instruction 3 times a week. These lessons helped the students tremendously gain confidence and skills in their literacy development.

Video of Joseph teaching the letter “S” from an app on a tablet!

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  Leticia and Sharon provide individualized reading support.

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The kids loved working with Eric!  Eric is a 3rd year university student in Chemical Engineering.  He is home for the summer Paying It Forward.

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 On Saturdays, students from Bantuma and Christ Cares school came to a fun literacy class to work on phonics, reading books and writin​​​g their own stories. Students had the opportunity to share their stories with the rest of the group. Leticia made delicious iced kenkey for all of the kids. 

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The children really enjoyed writing their own stories. 

They were very proud and happy. 

IMG_1756 (1).jpg​​​

Teaching phonics is not only beneficial for the younger students. There were some older students who have been struggling with reading for years. These phonics classes were so helpful in building confidence and much needed reading skills to some of the older students at school. 

               ts 5 sandyjoana.jpg  We were fortunate to have Sandy, a social worker from Minnesota, spend a few days at school. Joanna, a class six student, was thrilled to be able to participate in phonics lessons and read these books to Sandy! 

solo 1.jpgSolo works with a 16 year old boy to provide individualized reading instruction. 

Girls Empowerment Programs

​​This summer, we had a very special day to celebrate the achievement of the Adehye Girls Club. There was a wonderful presentation on teenage pregnancy prevention, traditional dance and choreography, modeling and crafts.

Some of the girls received awards.

ts12girls dancing.jpgts13twogirls traditional.jpg

ts 14 Ceciliajpg.jpg     ​ts15 teen preg..jpg

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​​We had over 75 girls attend the Girls Empowerment program. Watching the whole school celebrate the efforts and achievements of these girls was a very powerful ​​experience!!!  And Volunteer Fred was there representing and helping for two weeks, he is the tall guy in the back. 


​​Awards Day at Bantuma School

One of the most special days was the awards day at Bantuma School. In Ghana, there are lots of celebrations to recognize and appreciate members of the community. On this day, the following people were appreciated- Lawrenda (recent high school graduate who helped her school advance in the National M​​ath and Science competition), Esther (resource room teacher), Richard (librarian) and Fred and me (volunteers)!  There were lots of emotional speeches to George, who was with us via Skype, and wonderful dancing and poetry from the students of Bantuma School. After our celebration, we went on an excursion to the Elmina Java Museum and Nduom Community Library.

ts 19 awards dayjpg.jpg ts 21 group museum.jpg

Janet museum.jpg

I want to thank all of the Pay It Forward Scholars who work with so much drive and passion every day to “make education possible” for all of the children in their community.  I also want to thank the children involved with Tomorrow’s Stars. They love to learn and they made me smile every day!

​​Below are a few more pictures from this trip-

future teacher.jpg​​Fut​ure teacher!

teacher meetingjpg.jpg

​​Solo leads weekly meetings with the Pay It Forward scholars.

two girls reading.jpg

​​These two students enjoy reading books and kindles in the library!

cecilia joana me.jpg​​I love meeting students on the road to share my taxi. On this day, I met two of my favorite students- Cecilia and Joanna!


We had a wonderful visit with the Abrem Essiam Girls Club. Leticia gave a talk on the importance of defining goals to stay in school. The girls here have been making beads from bamboo and clay. It’s always a pleasure to visit this village!