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Published 2016

​​The heart of Tomorrow’s Stars is about “Paying it forward”.  We expect HS scholarship students to help their juniors become good students.  They can do this at libraries or Christ Cares school or as tutors.  These efforts are rewarded by the joy of helping and also by UNIVERSITY scholarship support from Tomorrow’s Stars.



Rudolph is our pioneer.  First to graduate from Edinaman HS. First to pay it forward as a teacher and mentor at Christ Cares.  First to go to and graduate from University.

With his degree in herbal medicine he will follow a path in preventive medicine and has already been leading a hand sanitation program at Christ Cares.  He is now doctor at a hospital near Kumasi.

Rudolph’s first book “Becoming Your Dream” is coming out before end of 2016 as an e-book.  See 2016 Year End News.  ​ ​​ ​​​​​

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​Rudolph at Graduation                        Rudolph and Chris making hand sanitizer.


Dr. Rudolph at clinical hospital


Solo is our “guide”.  He has a gift for getting all opinions and finding common ground on decisions.  He recently graduated from Univ. Cape Coast in Education Management.  He was our first librarian and is always a great help on all Sue’s projects.  He has completed his year of National Service, teaching at a school 2 hrs away.  He is now the Tomorrow’s Stars on site leader in Elmina and soon will be a teacher at Edinaman. 


Solo at graduation and with sister Leticia​ 


Francis has always been our best student.  He is from Abrem Essiam village and helped start the library there.  He was valedictorian at Edinaman.  He now is in 5th year at Univ. Cape Coast with nearly straight A’s in optometry.

He and his school mates do free sight screenings in villages and Tomorrow’s Stars has provided some glasses to “save sights”.

Francis Wiredu.JPG Wiredu-2.jpg


In Dec 2016, Francis and 3 school mates did an eye screening for 225 people with glasses donated by​​  114 pairs of donated glasses were dispensed.​


Richard is librarian at Bantuma Library.  He has started t​he reading club there and has been a big part of all of Sue’s projects.​  He is beginning his third year in “distance learning” for an education diploma at Univ. Cape Coast.  ​​​

Richard Iddrissa.JPG Iddrissa2.jpg


Otoo has recently graduated from Univ. Cape Coast in Education Management.  He has delayed his national service for another year to realize his dream of being Headmaster at Christ Cares.  He is a dedicated leader and is having a positive impact working with teachers and PIF students to “make education possible”.


Otoo, secon​d from left with Christ Cares leadership team.  Otoo at left with George and others from “George house”


Rockson is always Paying It Forward at Christ Cares.  He has a special talent for  construction and school improvements and has been the leader preparing the KG rooms and new Resource Room.  He is a cre​ative thinker and a “get it done” guy.  ​He completed a one year course in Media Journalism.

Rockson Mellick.JPG IMG_0877.JPG

Rockson made the “math rack” and abacus for KG math help from a photo I sent him.  


Isaac is librarian at Abrem Essiam.  He is beginning his third​ year in “distance learning” for an education diploma at Univ. Cape Coast.  



Eric is at KNUST (Kwami Nkrumah Univ of Sci and Tech) to study Chemical Engineering.  After graduation at Edinaman, he paid it forward for 2 years as Science teacher at Christ Cares.  He was also a great help in organizing and using the Science Lab there.

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Chris is also at KNUST and taking Herbal Medicine following in the footsteps of his mentor Rudolph.  He paid it forward teaching Math for two years at Christ Cares.  He also was a leader in the Hand Sanitation project there.

Chris Awortwe.JPG IMG_1897.JPG


JosephAgbezuke.jpg Otabil Amissah.JPG

Joseph and Otabil

Joseph was ICT (computer) lab man at Christ Cares and is now leader of his first year class at Ghana Institute of Journalism in Accra.  It is not surprising, he was prefect and first in class at Edinaman.  

Otabil has paid it forward for three years and is enrolled at Univ Cape Coast in Physician Assistant course.   

Emmanuel Arthur.JPG Eric Asmah.JPG

Emmanuel and Eric  

Emmanuel has entered Cape Coast Poly in Business.  When he returned to Christ Cares to visit, all the kids were cheering.  Eric assisted at the library in Essiam, he scored 18 on WASSCE and has enrolled at Univ Cape Coast in business.