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        In Ghana, young girls share in many of the family responsibilities such as getting water, cooking, laundry and caring for small children.  Tomorrow’s Stars helps them overcome these time challenges to succeed in education and careers.  We provide libraries, girls clubs and scholarships.  We expect them to be PIF students (Pay It Forward) by inspiring and helping the younger ones. ​​

Here are some of our Girl Stars!!

​We hope you will support or sponsor their education.

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Sue and George can tell you many stories about Leticia‘s dedication to Tomorrow’s Stars and effort to overcome challenges in her life.  She is ready to apply to nursing school.   She is librarian at Christ Cares and founded and led the Girls’ Club.  

She is always a leader and mentor for the girls. 

 IMG_2658.JPG IMG_2127.JPG

   ​​Above, Leticia in Library and with Girls Club.

 0RRIMG_4456 (2).jpg​​  0PIFIMG_4257 (3).jpg

Left:  Leticia and Joana with sewing machine donated to Girls Club.  Joana is the sewing advisor.  ​​They are co-leaders of our ​​​​​PIF students.      She has just started university by “distance learning” and also is assistant KG1 teacher.

At Right is ​​Philomena, she has started university at OLA Teacher Training College.  Please help us assure that her university costs can be paid.  


​​​As Tomorrow’s Stars emphasizes early childhood education with the KG Resource Room, our PIF girls have taken charge of learning through play.  Esther is leader of the resource room.  Joana, Sharon, Kate and Evelyn assist the teachers in KG1, KG2, Grade 1 and Grade 2.​​

Above ​Left:  Joana, Sharon, Volunteer Toni, Esther and Kate.  

Right:  Joana doing an assessment on Grade 1 boy in Resource Room.

0CCIMG_4453.jpg 0RRIMG_4091.jpg

Left:  Esther is the Resource Room teacher.  She hosts the small groups for learning through play there.  She is an Edinaman HS graduate and TS scholar.  She also is the “hand washing” leader as well as helping out where needed, always with a smile.

​Right:  Sharon is in her first year as PIF after graduating from Edinaman HS.  She is Grade 1 assistant teacher.

​​0CCIMG_4443.jpg 0EIMG_1140.jpg

 Kate is KG2 assistant and Edinaman grad, here she is helping Grade 2 make musical instruments.  Right:  Florence is the leader of the Essiam Girls Club working with librarian Isaac.

0EIMG_4411.jpg IMG_e3210.jpg  ​Edinaman HS Stars:  Lawrenda and Angela

Lawrenda is in her final year and is first in her class of 800 studying science.  Angela is in second year and in the top 20.  Both went to Christ Cares and will be expected to Pay It Forward to qualify for university support.


​​These four girls are Edinaman HS scholarship students:  At left:  Helen, Mary and Faustie with Isaac who is a PIF student and their Math tutor.  At Right:  Faustie, Elizabeth and Helen.

​  ​0CCIMG_4586 (2).jpg0CCIMG_1153.JPG   The next wave of Girl Stars at Christ Cares​:  

Left:  In this photo of Grade 9 students at Christ Cares, Cecelia stands out in the center, she is an acheiver.  A small girl with a big heart, she is always a leader and 2nd in her class.  

Right:  The top students in Grades 5-9, 4 of 5 are GIRLS!  

Lord from G8, Dorcas G6, Rose G5, Precious G7 and Elizabeth G9.