Sue and Fred in Elmina

Tomorrow’s Stars is fortunate to have the best volunteers in Elmina.  They inspire our “Stars”, guide our education programs and are good friends to all.   AND, they love doing it.  They are each on their 7th visit to Elmina.

Sue is a Reading Specialist from San Francisco.  Over the years she has helped with TStars programs like:  Students writing and illustrating their own storybooks, starting Girls’ Clubs at 3 schools, our Resource Room for “learning through play” as an extension to Kindergarten, and so much more.


Fred from NY is in Elmina for 2 weeks, besides guiding and being friends to all, he is supporting a community bathroom repair project.  His life experiences and great sense of humor give him a special connection with our “Stars” and they enjoy advice and stories from “Mr. Fred”.


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