Blog post from Elmina: November 2020

Greetings to Friends of Tomorrow’s Stars!!

Although we have not been able to travel to Elmina, our achievements continue. Below are some stories about our STARS and what they have been doing.

Tomorrow’s Stars now has 13 University graduates and 15 more currently attending. These are impressive men and women who would not have this chance without your donations. We have known them all since before HS and during 1-3 years of paying it forward after HS. This connection helps them choose their path as they mature.

Because of Covid delays, graduation is occuring now, and schools will start the new year in January. Here are our latest graduates:

Otabil graduates as the top clinician in his Physician’s Assistant course at Univ Cape Coast. Solo, our Managing Director achieved his MBA in Marketing also from UCC.

Joseph graduated from Ghana Institute of Journalism in Accra with dual distinctions. He served as President of the Student Body and was named Most Promising Journalist 2020, while graduating second in his class.

Joseph: President of Ghana Institute of Journalism Student Body. Most Promising Journalist 2020

Philomena graduated near the top of her class with a Teacher diploma in Sci/Math from OLA, she has also completed her national service with a teacher coordinating organization.

Eric graduated from UCC with a degree in B.A. Education (Math).

Attachments (internships) are a great way for University students to learn by working during breaks. TS strongly supports these and we help with incurred costs for these students who work for free to learn and meet contacts in their chosen field

While schools and activities were shut down for Covid, our PIFs (led by Solo) continued activities in:

  • Community service providing handwashing stations and sanitizer
  • A tree planting project
  • Personal Development (Computers, public speaking, and other projects)
  • Donations to a local hospital

Schools resume in mid-late January. We have many projects so we can get a good start.

Library Renovation is starting at Christ Cares.

We will also invest in our other libraries after school starts.

We have 9 new PIFs who just graduated HS and they will be assigned to libraries, KG classes, phonics and the resource room. The computer lab is in great shape including the solar power system for the lab.

Picture of new PIFs to come, these are current PIFs

New PIF Francis was the most recent of our valedictorians at Edinaman, he is another outstanding science and math student.


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